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Medicare, Health Care Reform and You in 2011  

The 7 Myths of Medicare
Trying to learn about Medicare can be a little daunting. There are so many misconceptions floating around. This guide will help clear up some of those myths. Spend a few minutes reading this booklet, and you'll feel more confident about what lies ahead. You'll also learn the truth about Medicare.

Vitality for Life
You are 60–or more. That means life is a celebration! You are worth it . . . every day. Whatever the celebration is – lunch with a friend, an under-par golf game, or a fresh bouquet of flowers – it's a way to honor the life you're living. Read this booklet and learn a few new facts, discover some new ideas and gain a fresh perspective on what it means to be this age. The result will be a life with more joy, energy and fulfillment. In other words, more vitality.

The Complete Guide to 'No Surprises' Medicare Health Plans  

"If living with vitality can be taught, sign me up"

From information and programs about Rejuvenating Your Body and Revitalizing Your Spirit to Retirement with a Mission, or the "New" Life at Home – changes in the marital & parental relationship in the 6th decade and beyond, For Health & Living will explore it all.

If you want life to be a celebration, you're ready For Health & Living. Join in. There's a more vibrant life waiting for you.

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