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Welcome to Medicare information – it’s plain and simple!

Remember the days when your doctor knew who you were, when you didn’t feel like a number in some giant healthcare system? At Inter Valley Health Plan, we’ve never stopped believing in the power of the personal touch. And it’s especially important when it comes to Medicare.

When people describe Medicare, “confusing” is the word we hear a lot. So we’ve created two guides to make Medicare plain and simple. Simply fill out the request form to receive both guides. Absolutely free, no obligation.

Choosing a health plan shouldn't feel confusing.  Let Inter Valley Health Plan help ease the way and consider us for all your healthcare needs.  Because, to us, it's personal.

The 7 Myths of Medicare.

Trying to learn about Medicare can be a little daunting. There are so many misconceptions floating around. This guide will help clear up some of those myths. Spend a few minutes reading this booklet, and you’ll feel more confident about what lies ahead. You’ll also learn the truth about Medicare.

How Obamacare will affect Medicare in 2016 and beyond.

Are you confused about the changes taking place with Medicare? The truth is, Medicare has been changing ever since it was created 50 years ago. However, with the new health care reform laws, it seems like the health care industry has been turned upside down. And it’s difficult to know what’s really going on. This new guide will show you how Medicare is changing, what it means for you, and will help prepare you to make the best decision about your health care coverage.

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